Yüna des bois, - SLIMI

    My name is Yüna, Yüna des Bois. I was born at home, not so far from the woods on April 4, 2019, in the water and under the snow at the same time, on a night when we traveled one of the most beautiful and intense paths with my Mum.

    I have lived in the Woods ever since, in a pretty forest where I have a close relationship with the trees that surround me. Here, I see the Fairies, the Elves and mostly the Fireflies. I was once told that I had to maintain this relationship or risk losing it. Some adults have lost this connection with Mother Earth, magical and regenerating as it is.

    We live, my Mum, my Dad, my big sister Leelou when she comes to visit us and my dog Kajto, in an autonomous small house in water and electricity thanks to rainwater and solar panels, we also cook and heat over a wood fire. We can only reach our house on foot, by quad or snow mobile depending on the circumstances. The chickens, bees, flowers and vegetables are just like me, we grow up in harmony with the sur- rounding nature, our feet in the ground, our heads always a little closer to the sky.

    Since I was born, I have been a carried baby, a baby Koala, coiled around my Mom or on my Dad’s back ... down to the smallest detail I live with them the dance of life, a waltz of various time periods where I can take the time to observe, touch and occasionally taste. I very much love being that close to my parents. Smelling and breathing their respec- tive scents, the vibrations of their voices and the beating of their hearts remind me of my intrauterine life, the skin-to-skin contact regulates my temperature, and I must say that is how I take my best naps. I feel good and protected there. Like a small animal, in the wild, like a baby bird learning to take its first flight.


    My first flight, let’s talk about it ... I thank my parents who, since my first day on earth, have tried their best to trust me and respect my rhythm in every second. I always felt free in my movements. And I thank Life and my instinct for guiding me towards independent learning, the Continuum as it is called, I am so happy that it is respected. Today, this is how I can walk, run, communicate with sign language, speak, do my business in the potty, sing, dance, do yoga and chant OM; I also like cooking, cutting vegetables, picking fruits, drawing, cuddling my dog Kajto and playing with my sister Leelou, holding hands with my cousin Soah, kissing my Dad and finding comfort in the company of my Mom, suckling when I need to and laughing around out loud ...

    My name is Yüna, Yüna des Bois, I am 17 months old and I taste the subtle flavors of Life every day ...

    NB: it is thanks to connected communication, here with the pendulum, that this text was able to see the light of day. Thanks to this technique, I was able to connect with Yüna in order to get her consent to the chosen words and to know if she wanted to add something to them. For this time, she wanted to add that she was a little girl full of joy.

    A des Bois Mom.