Rawkan binbella - Sleiman Dayaa

    Rawkan Binbella is the 32-years old Saudi actor who plays king Abdul Aziz in ‘Born a king’. The rapper, singer, model and now actor considers himself a ‘Saudi ambassador of arts to the US’.

    Tell us about you?

    I’m a spiritual being experiencing the humanoid dimension.

    How did you start your career?

    I sometimes tap into the ability of manifesting from the abundance of the universe, so I’m still not sure what a job or career really means yet. I’m just here collecting experiences.

    How do you feel about being the first Saudi movie star?

    I feel very honored and blessed to be a part of a historic moment that will live beyond my days.

    Tell us more about why you decided to leave Saudi and follow your dream?

    I moved to Boston for higher education purposes then to LA for medical reason. I was never really in pursue of a dream. I’m more of a daydreamer by day and lucid dreamer by night.

    Where do you see yourself in dew years?

    I practice “here now” if I’m in the future too much I’ll be living in expectation or anxiety and being in the past is living in stagnant memories.

    Could you tell us about your upcoming projects?

    I’m an aspiring artist, this will be my lifetime project.

    How can you inspire others?

    By being my most authentic self. I don’t plant to be anyone’s role model or personal preacher. I’m continuously reprogramming my operating system to become the best version of myself by downloading experiences and navigating through them with pure intentions.

    What're your future plans?

    I believe if you’re talented in one medium than your undoubtedly great at all the others. At the moment I’m confident enough to know that I’m talented but also humble enough to know I’m unskillful. It’s exciting to want to debunk the mystery behind different art forms.