Louise combier - slimi

    Tell us about you, why music?

    My name is Louise Combier and I’m 20 years Old. I’m studying in a French National Music School based in Lyon. I’m a singer and a musician. To me, music has always been a passion, especially singing. Singing is a real pleasure. On stage, I’m totally opening up. Singing makes me feel free and it’s my entire body which is singing. My father is a musician, and he is a gipsy guitar obsessional devotee. Maybe he gave me this passion for music. My mother guided me into practicing the piano, she is herself an amateur piano player and a literature and poetry lover. She probably gave me this love for words and texts.This passion must come from my parents, but I like to say that this passion is sent down from on high, it seems it has always been imposed as a self-evidence and I feel extremely fortunate to know what precisely I want my life to be like, all the more as this has been so since a very early age.

    How did you start?

    At a very early age, I remember I liked going on makeshift stages at home to sing other people’s words. I remember we had that after-dinner entertainment time we, (my sister and I) used to enjoy, reciting poems or devising ones under the benevolent eye of my mother. At ten years old I started to set poems to music, such poems by Verlaine, Prévert... I started to sing poems while playing the piano. The Piano enabled me to compose songs. My mother also wrote texts in English for me. I love singing in English, I think it is a very musical language. On a professional level, everything started when I was thirteen years old I won a little competition in Tarare, a small town 50kms south West of Lyon. The prize was to record songs in the renowned studios de l’hacienda. The studio managers, Stephane Piot and Jonathan Verne were really fond of my songs and have backed me up since then and now they are my song-publishers.

    How was your experience at the Voice France?

    The voice France experience enabled me above all to meet singular
    extraordinary people who sacrifice their time and their involvement for
    candidates. They have always served my musical universe. I am in the team of Marc Lavoine and I have met a great artist. He has really helped me and has enriched me humanely and artistically. The television studios and the challenges of television recording are very exciting and rewarding. I am also very grateful for all the audience supporting my work.

    Who inspires you?

    The artists who inspire me the most are Barbara, Jacques Brel, Serge Reggiani, Chet Baker, Benjamin Biolay, Billie Holiday. What I like about them is the profound melancholy in their songs. As Alfred de Musset put it.

    How would you describe your love for music?

    To me, music is the ultimate way to express words. I really think that music, interpretation are a way to transcend words. I like to touch people, to touch their heart. Basic words become sublime.

    Tell us more about your songs.

    Nowadays, I am writing my own texts and poems. It’s quite difficult for me, but I like that. My songs are about love, break-ups, childhood ...

    Your next project?

    My project today is composing a five song album (EP). It will be available in Spring 2021. I compose everything and Pierrick Vivares will do the Piano arrangements and other musical arrangements. I really want to tell a story with this album, and to make it like an entity. The label will be Vibrations sur le Fil. Besides a tour is planned, particularly in Belgium thanks to the booker Art I.

    What are your dreams?

    My dream is to be able to live from my music, to sing in beautiful places, to touch and meet many people and to share experiences with artists. I would really like to sing and share my passion on stage with artists such as Benjamin Biolay for example or even Marc Lavoine!