Gustine - slimi

    Tell us about you, who's Gustine?

    My name is Marine Juliette Gustine. I use this 3rd name as my artist name because I love it. I'm a French singer song writer, and I’m musician. 

    How did you start?

    I learned music in a "Conservatoire", high school of classical music in France. So, I started playing Chopin or Mozart but my love for pop and electronic music led me to take another path.

    How was your experience on the Voice France?

    surprising. I challenged myself to sing on the first audition to make my friends and family laugh, but I never imagined getting to the semi-finals. Before, I had a lot of negative preconceptions on this show, I thought that we were going to be forced to sing some mainstream songs, that the candidates were fighting against each other, and that you had to be very young and pretty to have your place. Finally, it is possible to be as you are, to be
    free of everything, and to forge beautiful friendships with people from very diverse artistic backgrounds.

    Tell us more about your journey in the music world

    I have been making music since I was a child. Music has been my life. I had the chance to meet incredible
    musicians on my way, who all made me grow and allowed me to become what I am today.

    I worked in electronic music, I was touring for 4 years with ‘Fakear’ (french producer) as a harpist, perform a lot of concerts with my acoustic compositions (harp and voice), sometimes I was DJing, or studio-recording musician for a lot of French-songs artists.. and even sang once with the Rolling Stones as a chorister!

    I could tell a lot more about my journey in music, but I believe that music is itself a journey, a journey made of meetings and sharing above all, and this journey is not over!

    What inspires you?

    People, life, everything! I really love FREE artists. I think that the freedom is the most beautiful thing
    to watch, and I love artist that are really themselves, in all aesthetics... I love musicians for who they are, not only for what there're doing. For my creations, inspirations can be very diverse, Sometimes I can start a song
    because of one boot sounds I heard in the street, sometimes I have to dig deep into my heart to express an unfathomable feeling ... so it can come from the "surface" as well as from "the depths"!

    We see you playing at music festivals, tell us more about it 

    I had the chance to play at cool festivals. I love the energy that emerges from the crowd, but what I prefer is
    to wait for the middle of the concert, and to observe people individually... at this stage of the concert, some people completely forget that there are people around them and on the stage, and lose themselves in a trance, focus on their own pleasure, they are both in the middle of a crowd, and at the same time alone in the world… I love that.

    What kind of Music do you like? 

    Pop music, electronic music, jazz, classic... it really depends on my mood. But I prefer "very chill
    music", dream or psychedelic pop (like Beach House, Tame Impala...), and for "
    happy/upbeatmusic", Bmore or Jersey Club, K-pop, or everything is cute or speed! I like the extremes.

    How would you describe your love for music?

    I love people more than music. The music is the channel that connect us.

    Who's your favorite musician/band?

    I would like to marry Tom York :) 

    Where do you see yourself after 5 years? 

    hum... in my villa on a desert island with the money from my last bank robbery? I don't know, I just hope to be with people I love.