Ana whiterose - Slimi

    Anastacia, aka Ana Whiterose has been singing covers and writing her own songs since her teenage years. Summer 2019, Ana signed with a Swiss label The Hana Road Music Group.

    Her debut single Behind the Moon entered Swiss radio charts #62, and was picked by the biggest Swiss, German and Italian radio stations. January 2020, Ana released the second single Wanted to Tell You. Along with the streaming success, it was featured in such magazines as Cosmopolitan and OK! Russia with Ana's big interviews. The music video for single "Breaking" was nominated for Silver Screenings at Berlin Music Video Awards 2021. Ana and Rudenko released a remix on her latest single Stone Cold Heart in July 2021.

    Tell us about you and how did you start this Journey in the Music industry

    I enjoyed music ever since my childhood! At the age of 4 I started singing and performing in front of my family with a toy-mic. I attended various dance classes, as well as piano lessons and sessions with a vocal coach. In 2015 I participated in Swiss Kids Voice contest and made it to the finals. It was the first proper performance of mine, and I loved being on a stage. So, once I turned 18 I decided it was time for me to do music professionally, and I was lucky to be signed with one of the most progressive record labels in Switzerland, The Hana Road Music Group. So, from there on my journey in the music industry has started. And so far, it’s been great! 

    How did you discover your talent? andwho supported you?

    I believe I really must say thank you to my parents here. They supported me all the way in my career. And they helped me to turn something that I simply enjoyed doing as a kid into my life path.  

    What kind of music do you like?

    I could call myself a melomane. I listen to all sorts of music depending on my mood. I enjoy jazz, especially in the evenings or during Christmas. When I’m with my friends I listen to French rap/trap. I do listen to my own songs’ and they are mostly pop. I also love techno when I’m in the car, so it can be really different for me depending on how I feel and what I do.  

    Who's your favorite singer that you would like to make a Duo with?

    There are a few artists I admire. But if we talk about making a duo with someone - my dream would be to perform with Billie Eilish. I love what she does, how she acts. Her energy is crazy, and the message she conveys in her songs is something very close to my own thoughts. She is truly the icon of the current music scene and it would be an honor for me to get on stage with her one day. 

    Tell us more about your new Song and what's behind it?

    The song is titled «Call Me», and this is almost a supplication. I believe that many people can associate themselves with this song, if they ever experienced non-reciprocal love. «Call Me» describes a certain state of mind when you are desperate and in pain. Even though it sounds calm, it’s very emotional, especially in the bridge.  

    We would love to know about your experience filming the Music Video

    Every music video we shoot with my team is a unique experience for me. I always learn something new or have an exciting experience, and this shooting was no exception. We tried to recreate the vintage mood and 80s vibe in the video, so we found and used various attributes of that era, such as Nintendo Console, the TV set, the car, the newspaper in the intro etc. If you pay attention to the details you’ll see how many of them are in the video. The colors we used at the post production do also bring us back in time. At this shoot I was lucky to Wear from the biggest fashion brands such as Celine, Dior, YSL, Loewe. Touching and wearing their pieces of art was a dream come true.

    What's your dream? and where do you see yourself in the Future

    The older I become the harder it gets to dream. There were a lot of difficulties in my life in the past 2 years, and music is what brings me peace, clears my mind and helps me abstract away from all the problems in the world. My dream is to reach the artistic level that will allow me to share my songs with more people. And I hope that those people will be able to find an emotional escape from whatever burdens them in my artistry