Valentino pink pp collection - PierPaolo Piccioli

    Pink is rampant everywhere, in a total estrangement that includes the set and that is reiterated by the
    occasional total black and total white intermissions. Pink as a manifestation of the unconscious and
    a liberation from the need for realism. The accumulation of pink elements is such as to eliminate the
    visual shock to bring out, together, the unique character of the person, expressed by the face and the
    eyes, and the work on the pieces of clothing: the signs that shape them into a silhouette, the textures
    that give them consistency, the decorations that are part of the construction. The subtraction is, in
    fact, amplification, magnifying both the humans and the clothing. A variety of bodies, attitudes, and
    physicalities, enhanced by the monochromatic palette, bring such a vision to life.