valentino act collection - PierPaolo Piccioli

    Valentino’s punk act of defiance punched with boldness and resilience speaks volumes at the historic Piccolo Teatro di Milan, reopened explicitly for the show. Memories and sensual notes embody the vibes at the Piccolo, a symbol of culture and progression while acknowledging a new generation’s voice. Pierpaolo Piccioli’s radical fashion presents pieces to be shared between men and women, from black, white, fluorescent acrylics to animal prints and polka dots. The authentic is literally slashed to combine short silhouettes complete with sky high heels or big statement boots. Evening dresses are cut down to “flying panels held together with ribbons” and new proportions are given to the pleated skirt. The body in all its glory is presented or hidden within Piccioli’s punk-like sensualism spirt and the classic studs make a statement appearance on pumps and boots, in bold or macro elements.