The balenciaga fall 20 campaign


    “Live to Love” is the tagline that concludes Balenciaga’s Fall 20 collection campaign, filmed in Berlin early January. The video is made up of heartwarming vignettes directed by Maurus vom Scheidt, who is known primarily for his commercial work with international non-fashion brands. The words describe a sentiment behind the collection, which was first introduced in a look book of models reaching towards extended hands or holding up their phones, inspired by stock photography. Balenciaga Fall 20 is a celebration of contemporary life—of the conversations, activities, and objects that can offer us feelings of comfort and confidence, wherever we are. 

    Without a trace of irony, the Fall campaign showcases Balenciaga’s latest offering while echoing the uplifting compositions of life insurance or chocolate ads. The video follows several stories of real connection between people from all walks of life, in several familiar scenarios, illuminating the small moments that can make a huge difference in person’s day—or life. 

    In an accompanying series of images by photographer Chris Maggio, new shoes and bags are accentuated by listless models who lean and slump away from the accessories’ spelled out names. The campaign features the sleek, soft-edged Zen Sneakers, the crisp Hourglass Bag in a new size and texture, and the Ghost Bag, now adorned with hand-tagged graffiti, along with new jewelry and sunglasses worn with especially easy-to-wear jackets and tops from the Fall 20 collection.