Gucci – aria - Alessandro Michele

    It’s time to celebrate! Let us celebrate 100 years of grandeur and history. 100 spins around the sun have brought us where we are today. Let’s celebrate 100 years of Gucci despite endless births of fashionable reinventions throughout the years. An aria is a set piece for a solo opera singer to express an emotion, and Gucci’s 100 years of motion, creation and soul deserve such a profound center-stage moment. We raise a glass to fragility and vulnerability while cloaked in the sparkles of endless glittering clothes, and hope to feel like ourselves soon as we chase laughter once more in all our favorite spots. Here’s to 100 more years of pushing limits, setting new standards and finding new ways to bare one’s soul through fashion expressionism.  

    Gucci, you have always been a breath of fresh air, and may you always shine even when the world around you is dark.