Burberry – men’s autumn/winter 2021 - Ricardo Tisci

    Ricardo Tisci pushes limits and allows us to dream, connecting the surreal to an outdoor wandering terrain in Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2021 menswear collection. Traditions are revisited with subtle changes, allowing for expression while pulsing with the vibrancy of youth and the freedom of being alive in every line and cut of the clothes. From pleats to panels and fringes, the clothes appear almost alive, and free to roam, giving inspiration to modern explorers, pioneers and trailblazers, and even the classic trench coat is given a modified look. Burberry’s beige, bark brown, oxblood burgundy, city greys and shades of pale blue and pink run through the collection, while badges and adornments speak of the symbolism of belonging, friendship and the importance of community.