Alchemy of breath & sound - RODO ESCALANTE

    "Tools of the ancients arts combined to achieve transformational bhava state"

    Alchemy is the art of inner navigation through the science of freediving and musical composition channeled now.

    This methodology induces the exploration of deep states of consciousness, using tools that facilitate the transmutation. Of stress, depression, attention deficit, and other negative emotions, into emotional liberation, radiance, and celebration.

    This workshop is created to navigate the altered states of consciousness where the human body is used as technology. well-studied and verified compounds are used to reprogram the body and allow it to liberate deep-rooted emotions such as anger, fear, traumas, attachment anxiety, and low self-esteem.

    The main key to recalibrating these emotions is through high-frequency music and sound therapy, using the power of breath and high vibration tones. our brain waves work in a symphony of frequencies that when tuned in and released, can realign and heal the deepest pain and traumas; the concepts of time and space are experienced for the first time.

    Once a sense of peace and belonging is achieved, it is how we learn to cultivate inner harmony in our daily lives. the alchemy of breath and sound is the process of alignment of emotions and connection to the inner-self that brings maximum clarity to what is needed in our present life.