Elsa majimbo - Slimi

    Can you tell us more about yourself?

    I'm hilarious, I'm gorgeous and I'm a strong believer that nothing is impossible. I love to make myself laugh, that's why I started all of this, I believe that your own happiness and selflove is a priority, before bringing joy to the world.

    How would you define your originality?

    Mind blowing!!! Life changing!!! Industry chattering!!!! What a lot of people don't know is that I don't actually write my material down, it's all freestyled on the spot, which is pretty original if you're ask me.

    How did it start?

    It started with one video, made to make myself laugh. I am my favorite audience.

    Where do you see yourself in the future?

    Traveling the world, living lavish and making so much money that I consider shopping a hobby.

    Would you like to be an actor in a movie or series?

    Already in the works, and now I'm thinking bigger, I want to develop and executive produce projects of my own that tell the stories that I want to be told, through my lens.

    Can you share more about your collaboration with Maison Valentino?

    Valentino co-produced the first limited edition of my book which I co created and co-wrote with my manager, Mo Kheir. The illustrations in the book are done by Pepijn Temming and it is edited by Eva Curry. It was a very exciting release for me, it served as my entry into the world of high fashion, a world I plan to stay in for a long time. Mo and I will be releasing a record edition of the book later in the year for global purchase!

    What's your Dream?

    My dream is to keep rising, glowing and winning, without any limitations. I want to keep bringing myself pure joy, and to inspire black girls to reach their own potential.


    Elsa's Hair and Makeup: by Michel Kiwarkis
    Outfits: Valentino