Mýa - Urivaldo Lopes

    How did you get started in the industry?

    I’d been performing all my life, but my actual recording artist career began in Washington, DC when an independent label, University Music Entertainment took interest in me which then lead to recording several songs in high school & my first year in college. Those songs eventually led to opportunity with Interscope/Universal Music.

    How are you living your best life? Unapologetic self care is a daily practice that allows me to feel, look & operate as a better version of myself. This empowers me to work relentlessly & ultimately treat myself with space, time, travel & adventure.

    What do you attribute most to your ability to overcome your obstacles?

    Keeping my life purpose defined as being a service to others, allows me to accept every challenge, imperfection, and failure until each obstacle, the struggle, the faith, the fight, the grind turn into testimony & victory, which then inspires people.

    How did you handle the changes in your career?

    I bossed up. When I was unhappy with management, I created my own management company. When I parted ways with the major label system, I created my own record label. When I was tired of waiting on budgets to open just to practice or record, I built my own studios, learned how to operate the equipment & got to work. When lawyers, took too long to execute negotiations, I became the lawyers and started negotiating & drafting the contracts myself. Money don’t stop, nor does time.

    Most memorable performance?

    Pepsi Smash. I remember my label fought me tooth & nail about bringing queens on the stage for a quick prance segment. They didn’t get it & wouldn’t pay for the 4 additional dancers, so I went into my pockets and did it anyway which the audience absolutely gagged over.

     Tell us about your experience in acting?

    My filmography can be found on myamya.com/filmography Fifth Ward Season 2 comes out in 2020.

    You do your share of giving back & helping the community in various ways like the Vegan challenge. What made you want to do that?

    The Vegan Challenges began with several people constantly asking me to share my secrets. Through listening & assessing, I realized people just wanted answers, so along with creating the social media challenges, I created a free starter guide available on myamya.com/lifestyle.

    Who was Mya ten years ago and who is she today?

    10 years ago, Mya was only 2 years into her independent artist & Planet 9 label journey, testing the waters, just starting to build an independent team, figuring it out. Today, I’m just as driven, with much more knowledge & self reassurance, 9 independent projects in the universe, with the 10th on the way in 2020, and a strong, but quiet confidence about me.

    Musical Influences?
    Roots - Go-Go music from DC
    Goddess Vibes - Sade & Donna Summer
    Bars - Lauryn Hill

    Dance - Michael Jackson
    Musicality & versatility - Prince
    Bold honesty - Millie Jackson