Element - Jack Waterlot

    element photographs − Jack Waterlot
    style − Fleur Huynh Evans
    model − Kate Grigorieva at The Lions

    clothing − Roberto Cavalli Exclusive a look at Peter Dundas' rst collection
    bodysuit Iris Van Herpen

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    dress On Aura Tout Vu, top Faustine Steinmetz, pants Dorhout Mees, sleeves Yohji Yamamoto, sandals Bocage
    leather jacket and skirt Jitrois, hat by Yohji Yamamoto
    top, sleeves and skirt Yohji Yamamoto, sandals Y's
    jacket Dorhout Mees, shirt Yohji Yamamoto, sandals Y's
    jacket, pants and boots AF Vandervorst
    jacket Nour Hammour, top Faustine Steinmetz, skirt Y's, platform shoes Walter Steiger

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