How does t feel to be the most streamed artist out of Africa? And being the Afrobeat’s? 

    We’ve continued to work hard and delivering our hits while really pushing our culture to the Western world. I remember when I first signed my deal back in 2015, African music wasn’t as accepted as it is now. I was in the room telling them: “Yo, this genre’s going to be hot! It’s the next thing coming”, and they looked at me like I was crazy. The way people before our generation worked for us to prosper as we are, we are doing the same for the next generation to do even bigger things. It’s crazy! These things happen when you’re not longing for it. I’m making music because I love it, and it’s not something I’m doing to be in competition with anyone, which is why I started doing it.

    Your new single Champion Sound already has over 3.9M views on YouTube and over 1.9M global streams. How did it make you feel when you found out? 

    When first I started my career, my music didn’t hit this many number of views, but now seeing this feels amazing, and I’m so grateful for it. 

    Can you tell us about your mission with UNICEF? 

    It is known that I have always been passionate about charity work, whether it was with UNISEF or others. It is part of my daily life, to help provide for people in need and spread peace all over. The collaboration with UNICEF was a perfect intuition to help eradicate child poverty. 

    On your 29th birthday we saw you raised donations over your social media and donated to Nigerian orphanages. How does it feel to do such an action? It is truly inspiring for others: 

    I just imagine how many homes and children will be fed, and the number of people that need it. I did not ask my friends to donate, but we had a joke where I had said that if I ever made you go for music
    send me a million Naira, which is about $2200, and after a while I saw that my friends had started sending me money, and there was a crazy amount of money in my account. Soon after, regular people and fans started sending money too, and I felt bad to keep the money for myself, so I decided to donate it and do some good with it.

    Is there any new collaboration with brand or campaign that is coming soon?

    We’re announcing A very big partnership, campaign with a significant sports brand in January 2022, wait for it!  

    You have Recently launched “Be The Standout Swift” campaign with Martell Cognac, tell us more about this experience:

    I love Martel Cognac, and I was part of the campaign which is based on what I do, and the confidence in helping and raising people’s confidence they become who they want to be.  

    What would be your biggest inspiration when it comes to making music? And the message behind your music for your fans? 

    It’s very important to me, my friends and the people I make music for, and the way the way you perform the music, and you see enjoy the look on people’s faces. This makes you feel like you have a purpose to continue making beautiful music. This is where I find my inspiration.  

    What are you currently working on? Who are we going to see in your upcoming collaborations? 

    I’m working on my own music right now, and completing my album which should be ready by 2022. I will also be going back on tour across the rest of Europe, then will head back to the U.S before continuing my global tour again.  

    What do you want people to know more about you? 

    I mean my life is pretty much out there, and what I want people to understand about me is way more about my music, changing our community, pushing the African records. It’s all about the music.