Amanda seyfried - Farouk Chekoufi

    Amanda Seyfried has established herself as one of Hollywood’s most captivating young leading actresses.

    Why and how does a fragrance appeal to you ? A fragrance appeals to me when there’s something kind of mysterious about it. You don’t know if you really love a perfume until you’ve worn it, until you’ve spent some time with it. In my opinion, a good perfume is layered and very specific to each person. I think women wear perfume in order to feel different or to lighten their mood or just to feel more confident, more feminine. I am certainly more attracted to floral scents because they make me feel very feminine and elegant. Perfume just adds so much to your aura. What strong emotional memories do you associate with fragrance ? I grew up with a beautiful garden in my backyard, my mother loves flowers and she wears floral scents. My grandmother too and every time I see her it brings back memories, I feel like I’m a child again. The strong smells I remember are all floral. There’s nothing like a farm rose to take you back to the mountains and the meadows. I’m a mountain girl, a meadow girl, so I feel very close to that. Has your view of fragrance changed since you became the face of Very Irrésistible ? My view of fragrance has changed a lot since I became the spokesperson for Very Irrésistible. It’s made me realize how complex it is to make a perfume. Fragrance is a blend of notes put together to strike a subtle balance and the combination of these notes creates a certain allure. I was also surprised to learn how important the bottle is, and how much care is taken with its design, which is a true artistic expression of what’s actually inside of it. I think I had never thought about what goes into creating a perfume before. It takes such a long time and the effect it has on human beings is so profound.

    "Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be painful, it’s about finding the right balance."

    Your dancer’s figure makes one think that you take good care of your body and appearance; what are your secrets for staying beautiful ? I stay out of the sun, and if I’m in the sun, I’m wearing SPF. I protect my skin as much as I can, I learned that a long time ago. I also exercise everyday and I get the endorphins going. It’s important not only for my physical self but also for my mental self, my emotional self. I’m healthy, I eat well most of the time, I take care of myself! I drink a lot of water! But I also enjoy myself. Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be painful, it’s about finding the right balance, I think. I also have enough love in my life to feel beautiful.

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