Matiere premiere - SLIMI

    High-end, contemporary French perfumes, structured around one exceptional, carefully sourced natural ingredient.
    ​Matiere Premiere is embodied by Aurélien Guichard, a 7th-generation perfumer born in Grasse, raised in Paris and Grasse, who has always been collaborating with internationally renowned creative profiles to give birth to signature fragrances.
    Today Aurélien, one of the most successful Master Perfumers worldwide, offers with MATIERE PREMIERE a personal, contemporary approach to French high-end perfume creation. No other story but that of the work of a 21st-century perfumer, creating fragrances with a clear and direct message, designed with style, coherent formulations, and utmost respect for raw materials. 
    ​“Natural raw material is the essential basis of creation, for a perfumer. Its selection according to the terroirs, growth and transformation methods (from which its quality flows) is the starting point for an extraordinary creation; it is at the center of my conception, of a perfumer’s work. It is part of our promise, and MATIERE PREMIERE holds it in its very name.”
    ​In 2016, Aurélien Guichard together with his family founded a Rose Centifolia organic farm (Ecocert®) in the Grasse region. He is the only Perfumer to own and produce his own Rose Centifolia. Following a family and regional know-how, he cultivates thousands of Roses on an exceptional terroir, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2018.