Xaviera altena - Slimi

    Xaviera Altena is a Rotterdam-born illustrator currently living and working in the city. Her interests include 90’s pop culture and being an amateur chef, but above all she has a strong passion to address social challenges. She illustrates them using bold lines and a variety of bright colours.   She works for various brands and publications, mostly from her home studio.  She curates and manages Brainstorm Radio next to her illustrative work

    How did you start?

    I've been drawing from a very young age, and was always interested in people from different backgrounds and cultures. When I was old enough i attended art school in Rotterdam, and from there I developed my practice as a professional illustrator.

    Describe your vision?

    A world where equality is the norm, and where colourful visions and ideas are at the core of how we develop our society.

    What type of art do you like to create?

    Colourful, simple but with bold lines. 

    What inspires you as an artist?

    A lot of different things inspire me, like fashion, food and friends. But also strangers on the street, things I see when I'm traveling, news stories and developments in society.

    With whom do you like to work?

    I'm an artist who likes to work on their own, but when it comes to collaborations I'd love to work on very colourful accessories for daily lives. Right now I'm working a lot on editorial work or OOH advertisements, but to actually design products for usage is a big dream of mine. 

    What's your future plan and what about your dreams?

    Keep on working, illustrating, and hopefully when Covid ends a lot of traveling again to collect new inspirations & ideas :)