rime sebai - Slimi

    Rime Sbai is a young Moroccan visual artist who, image by image, is developing a new vision: an inclusive universe of freedom and lightness. To achieve this, she immerses herself in Moroccan lore, deconstructs masterpieces from art history and transgresses portraits of celebrities. Her paintings live from a tense equilibrium between life-affirming, colorful naiveté and critically revealing, enlightening consciousness. In her universe, a refreshingly childlike gaze exists alongside a realistic, ironically fractured one; in her universe, tradition and modernity complement each other, individuality and diversity coexist.


    Who are you and what do you do?
    I am Rime Sbai, a visual artist from Morocco. I love to paint and showcase my art on all types of surfaces from Murals to canvases, jackets, pillows & anything that inspires me. 2 years ago, I started my hand-painted denim jacket brand and I’m so excited to see people all over the world wearing my art.

    Why do you do what you do?
    I’m an emotional person. However, I find it hard to express my feelings verbally, and thus I found my means of communication to be painting. I’ve been painting and drawing since being able to hold a pen. Through art, I’m able to not only portray my passion but to share my vast ideas regarding society, love, history and much more with the world.

    How do you define success as an artist?
    In my opinion a successful artist is an artist who never stops challenging himself and exploiting new techniques. It is also the artist who freely uses art to express him/herself and touches the viewer by his/her work.

    What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
    I have been advised to make art as a part time job or as a hobby. Although it’s not advice that I follow, it has motivated me even more to always strive and never quit my artistic career. There is strength in difference and the advice I give myself and to others is to be unapologetically themselves and to follow their passion.