Gabriello de surr - slimi

    Gabriello De Surr is a multimedia fashion artist with a strong passion for fashion illustration, drawing, and photography. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of South Florida and currently works and resides in Florida. Many of his works are inspired by the fashion shows and the aesthetic of the collections. The overall style of the works is a mixture of surrealism, cubism and fashion illustration. Gabriello’s work has been featured in international online fashion publications and social media. His works have been admired and shared on many social media platforms by fashion bloggers, stylists and major designer brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, DKNY and Jean Paul Gaultier among others.  

    Artist Statement  

    My fashion art works are inspired by the designer collections, fashion show presentations, my memories and my surrealistic and abstract perspective. One of the things that inspires me the most is the conjunction of the fashion show presentation and the fashion designs. The reason I get inspired by the fashion show presentation is because I can visualize my abstracted and surreal characters in an environment. In my earlier pieces I didn’t include the environment as much as I do now. With the development of my latest pieces I feel like it’s a must to create a fashion landscape that speaks about the selected collection and the figures. In a sense I like to imagine my characters and their environment in combination with the aesthetic of the fashion collection. So not only the figures are dressed in the collection but also the environment is purely inspired by the designs and the designer’s point of view. In regards to my process, most of the work is made by hand and the illustration parts are hand drawn. The new works I’ve been creating are completely out of paper and are documented photographically. The reason I used paper for the new works is because I have been relating the ephemeral quality of fashion with the materiality of paper. The fashion world is always changing and I wanted to evoke that idea within the new pieces by using a material that constantly changes and doesn’t last forever.