Duo extent - Lars Moereels

    "The world we live in now is quite peculiar. We are at war with a dangerous enemy that we cannot control nor see. As ordinary citizens, we cannot see that enemy. We mainly have to deal with the consequences: the many dead and sick, the social life that comes to a halt, the empty streets, the mouth masks. The only way we can control this virus is to stay inside, 'says Moereels.


    As a photographer, he has been experimenting for some time with an infrared camera that provides all plants and flowers with a fairytale pink layer. His photos of the royal greenhouses in Laeken went viral in their own country last year. The greenhouses will remain closed this year, so this year the photographer focused on spring on the street. It will continue as normal. “Because of the corona crisis, I have started to realize how important it is to have green space in your neighborhood. The daily walks are the highlight of the day.

    Sleiman 3

    The park is a place where you can have social contact, albeit at a safe distance from each other. You can escape from your room. I often call there with my girlfriend, who lives in South Africa. In corona times, the park serves as my personal royal conservatory: I am inspired by it. ' And so Moereels went out with his camera to capture spring in the city. 'Infrared light, like the virus, is invisible to the naked eye. My photos have something surreal, they appeal to the imagination. The virus also makes our world a very strange place. Life in isolation is experienced as strange. Yet there is so much beauty in the small things of everyday life. Sometimes we can only see that by looking at it from a different angle. '