Dear beirut - Shogh ian

    I feel the grief of the Heavens in my bones...

    The angels are mourning the loss of a city that once was but now that city has lost its light.

    Two weeks after this loss, I’m coming out of my silence with an excruciating pain in my heart.

    Dear Beirut...

    Is all this pain worth it all?

    The sky, this country and all its people are still shedding their tears over your loss. Tell me, is this all worth? Life is full of unknowns, why live in hatred? Why should we, our children, our families and friends live in constant fear and paranoia? Why should we keep destroying each other? Just why?

    Doesn’t the true meaning of life lie in the love and kindness? This world has a place for all...

    Tell me after all of this, how are we going to face the deceased who lost their lives because of all the hatred and resentment? 

    Think of them all, love each other, love the land of God.

    Let it Breathe, let it’s people rest and let not the deaths of our victims go in vain.

    by Shogh ian  - @Shogh_ian