Medusa photographs - Leny Guetta
style − Fleur Huynh Evans
model − Niki Trefilova at Silent Paris

jewellery − Buccelati, Mauboussin, Lorenz Baumer, Chanel, On Aura Tout Vu, Sommier
Cardinale ring in pink gold with pink and green tourmaline, sapphire, and choco diamonds, Oursin ring in white gold with diamonds and sapphires, Fusion ring in pink gold with amethyst, pink and purple sapphires and green tourmaline Lorenz Baumer

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puces boutons pliage earrings in pink gold with smoked quartz and white diamonds Lorenz Baumer
Lion rugissant Beryl bracelet, Constellation du Lion broach and Lan Norco ring Chanel
Swarovski crystal Light rings On Aura Tout Vu
red and white gold necklace with tanzanite pendant and Gecko bracelet Lorenz Baumer
Incanto necklace with pendant, earrings and bracelet by Buccelati, headpiece Sommier